I have lived in Tipton all my life, and this is what life is like here now.

My Message

I never thought that I would spend the last years of my life being terrorised by faceless cowards for no reason.

2024 so Far

11th May 2024

Look who did it again!

Dog poo smeared over the handle and lock deliberately to cause harm and distress,

23rd February 2024

  • At 23:20 someone stopped at the gate with an Alsatian.
  • They emptied a bag of dog poo onto the driveway inside the gate so I would have to step in it to open the gate.
  • They smeared dog poo over the inside handle and latch of the gate so I would get it on my hands when I opened the gate.
  • They threw a bag of dog poo onto the roof.
  • They walked away for about 30 seconds before returning.
  • They threw a second bag of dog poo on the roof.
  • They threw a third bag of dog poo so high that it went over the roof and landed in the back garden.
  • They then put dog poo in the neighbouring letterbox.
Dog poo smeared and thrown
dog poo on latch
dog poo on latch
dog poo on roof
dog poo on roof
  • There were 2 bags of poo on the roof, 1 bag on the back lawn, 1 bag opened in the letter box, 1 bag emptied onto the driveway, 1 bag emptied and smeared on the inside of the gate latch.
  • How was I supposed to get it down?
  • My daughter got a ladder and had to stand on the top rung to reach the roof.
  • At first she tried to reach it with a litter picking stick but it was was too short.
  • She then tried a broom, and again, the broom was too short.
  • She then used a long garden cane. She had to use this to nudge the bag of dog poo down the roof. Of course this meant some of it fell out the bag and and she had to use the cane to roll it down the roof.

29th January 2023

  • I went to the letterbox on the side of my railings.
  • I did not not notice the dog poo at the bottom of the railings.
  • It looked like mud on the padlock and gate latch – it was not mud. It was more dog poo.
  • I got poo on my coat as I tried to get a tissue out my pocket to wipe my hands. I opened the gate and opened the letter box and reached it.
  • A pile of dog poo was in the letter box.
  • My shoes, hands, coat was covered in dog poo.
  • Cleaning it up made me vomit and due to other health issues I was ill for a week.
  • Someone else had to clean the box for me.
  • It was too disgusting to photograph.